Tribal Diamonds – handwoven textile artwork


Handwoven silk and bamboo textiles

Dimensions: 14″h x 18″w

People find references from many different cultures in my patterns.  This one has a very tribal feel and the slightly curved distortion adds a degree of tension to the otherwise precise interplay of pattern and color.

I use my artistic voice as a platform for speaking to our current times.  This allows me to address issues close to my heart while creating beautiful art for someone. I use my fabrics as others use paints or inks.  All my fabrics are handwoven from sustainable and environmentally-friendly alpaca, bamboo and silk yarns.  Then I upcycle my swatches and samples, repurposing them to create my artwork.  Cutting into handwoven fabrics that took an extensive amount of my time to create is scary and painful, which is exactly how I feel when I consider the damage to our precious planet

Fiber speaks to my sense of order. There is a never-ending source of color options and my hands always stay clean!  My tools are texture, color and pattern.  When combined, they produce tactile dimension as well as visual impact in my finished works.

Individual handwoven fabric squares add color and texture to any space.  So you can combine several to create more impact.  Patrons consider my wearable fabrics as art that should be on a wall, so this handwoven textile artwork is my response to their insight.  

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