Kaleidoscope II collage- handwoven textile art


Textile collage artwork from handwoven silk & bamboo textiles

Dimensions: 12″h x 16″w

A fantasy of blue hues and rhythmic patterns awaits viewers of this piece.  Are there leaves floating down a stream?  What does that one spot of bright green represent – is there something underneath the layers, or does it represent hope for a greener tomorrow in our ocean?  I want to engage a viewer’s imagination in the same way that cloud formations used to do to me when I was a child.

This series draws upon my ongoing appreciation of kaleidoscopes.  To me, they are a perfect blend of color and pattern, with a bit of randomness thrown in.  I upcycle my fabric swatches and samples to create these pieces, combining the patterns and colors from a variety of fabrics into one larger piece.  Disrupting their natural order by cutting them is both exhilarating & scary.  I create visual dynamics by working with numerous swatches until the final work has tactile dimension within a kaleidoscope of intersecting patterns. 

Why use fiber for art?

Fiber speaks to my sense of order. There is a never-ending source of color options and my hands always stay clean!  My tools are texture, color and pattern.  When combined, they produce tactile dimension as well as visual impact in my finished works.

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