I am exhibiting at the One of a Kind Show in Chicago so I am not accepting online orders at this time. When I return, I will update inventory and reopen the shopping cart after December 12, 2023.

Thanks for your patience and your interest in my art couture portfolio.

Fireworks – Handwoven textile collage


Inspired by colorful flashes from fireworks displays, this handwoven textile collage incorporates several layers of fabric stitched together to emulate the sparkle from a firework.  Light wispy trails are stitched into the night sky background to further enhance the visual impact.

Dimensions: 12″h x 16″w

Colorful flashes from fireworks displays are the inspiration for this upcycled handwoven textile collage. I stitched several layers of my fabric together to emulate the sparkle from a firework.  I also stitched light wispy trails into the night sky background that further enhance the visual impact.  But as often happens with abstract pieces, there are other interpretations as well.  Viewers also suggested an island, a deep-sea creature and an unraveling nebula.

I believe supporting original art and crafts brings calm and beauty into our lives, and improves our environment in many ways.


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