My handwoven textile artwork adds color, pattern and texture to homes, offices or other public spaces.

I express my artistic voice through pattern and color. Weaving is the medium that enables my visions to become reality. Each handwoven fabric uses alpaca, bamboo and/or silk yarns and leverages the myriad arrays of colors and endless permutations of geometric designs available through complex weaves.  I modify traditional weaves to create unique patterns with updated designs and color palettes for contemporary tastes.   The dobby pattern weaves are small repeated geometric shapes which align with my need for order and provide a framework for the color and texture to explore.

Then I create my handwoven textile artwork by using my fabrics as others use paints or inks.  Like a pointillist, I create pieces that delight from afar yet reveal new intricacies upon closer inspection.  The fabrics create a kaleidoscopic work of intersecting designs and patterns. Sometimes I use it metaphorically to represent a deeper message, as in my Mother Earth series.

Fiber speaks to my sense of order. There is a never-ending source of color options and my hands always stay clean!  My tools are texture, color and pattern.  When combined, they produce handwoven textile art with a tactile dimension as well as visual impact in my finished works.

Mother Earth Series

Wall Artwork

Table Runners

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