I express my artistic voice through the details of geometry and color. Weaving is the medium that enables my vision to become reality. Like a pointillist painter, I leverage the combination of fine yarns, myriad arrays of colors and the endless permutations of geometric designs available through complex weaves, creating pieces that delight from afar yet reveal new intricacies as you look more closely. The end result is more than high fashion or bespoke clothing, it is art couture.

My first encounter with weaving was instant love and I have never looked back.  While a freshman at Indiana University I was attracted to my friend’s pipe frame loom. She was taking Weaving 101 and not enjoying it so the loom and all of the beautiful yarn butterflies sat forlornly in the corner. One day my desire to touch the tantalizing yarns got the best of me and I asked if I might try weaving a little. Thrilled, my friend gave me the loom, yarn, and instructions for weaving tapestry techniques and I headed outside on a warm fall day in Bloomington, IN. Hours passed without my noticing, I fell in love that day under a tree and the rest is history. I went on to earn a BA in Fine Arts with a specialization in Woven and Constructed Textiles from IU. This led me to a career as an Associate Professor teaching Textiles and CAD Design for woven fabrics in a Fashion Design department in Chicago, IL.

I want to share my love of textiles with others, whether creating a special item for their personal use or teaching fashion design students about textiles and designing woven structures.  I would love to replace the current disposable mindset with an appreciation of the time and commitment to excellence that creates heirlooms instead of fast-fashion landfills.

My preferred yarns of choice are alpaca, bamboosilk and a touch of metallic for some added sparkle. On occasion I add some linen or perle cotton for the table runners my product line.

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