My new website is live – thanks to a virus!

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No, hackers didn’t infect my website but the coronavirus provided me with time and the necessity to update it.  My original site was great for follow up after people saw me at a show or exhibit, but it didn’t really function well for ecommerce.  Given the current freeze on public events and the uncertainty about future ones, it was the ideal time to upgrade to a site that provides information, allows customers to zoom in to see the patterns and fabrics clearly, as well as easily select and purchase something from me.

My new site is based on the Jupiter X template and created using Elementor and Crocoblock. I’d like to give a shout out to the WPDone team at Artbees who performed all the initial heavy lifting on page layouts and links.  The tech team at InMotion, my hosting company, were exceptional in seamlessly launching the new site while archiving my previous one.

I now have a responsive site that includes my artwork, my expanded line of interior accessories and the full catalog of my wearable art.  Please browse through the site and feel free to contact me with any feedback or commission requests.

The COVID pandemic freed my artistic vision.

Did it impact yours?


The pandemic paused all my shows but it didn’t stop my energy.  So like many of you, I looked at my current situation and took advantage of the downtime to pursue some new avenues.

Rather than learning about sourdough or hot yoga, I dove into expressing myself through new artwork. Numerous show guests told me that my fabrics were not only functional but were truly art.  I began experimenting with my fabrics, framing individual pieces of fabrics to call attention to the color and pattern interplay that represents my wearables.  From there, I began to create collages using my fabric swatches, upcycling the remnants into a new artistic expression.

I have always been concerned with the negative environmental impact caused by the textile and fashion industries.  To me, this casts a shadow on two vibrant industries.  As an educator, I would address it with my fashion design students, hoping to improve our future through their understanding and actions going forward.

Now I am using my artwork to speak to this issue.  My Mother Earth series of triptychs metaphorically illustrate the stages of environmental destruction caused by the fashion and textile industries.  Each piece becomes more damaged and disjointed as it shows the past, present and potential future if we do not correct our actions.

I also create individual collages for my Kaleidoscope series by upcycling my handwoven remnants into new collage pieces that are a visual delight of color, pattern and texture.

Other individual wall pieces use my fabrics and leftover warp yarns to address the pollution caused by dyes and chemicals commonly used in these industries. I strive to use sustainable fibers for my fabrics and create heirloom quality wearable art that outlasts normal fashion items.  By upcycling my remnants and excess yarns, I am also reducing landfill use.  A report from the Ellen Macarthur Foundation reports that every second, one garbage truckload of textiles in landfilled or burned.  We need to break this linear cycle and become more circular in our reuse while also creating long-lasting apparel rather than fast fashion.

Exciting News From Milwaukee’s Lakefront Festival of Art!

Saturday, June 22 started like any other Craft Show Saturday.  But while talking with two interested patrons, that all changed.  A cluster of folks arrived and presented me with a Best of Show Award!  I was one of only ten artists to win this prestigious honor from the Show committee.

Winning the award was a total surprise!  It includes $1,000, automatic acceptance to the 2020 Lakefront Festival and a photograph from featured artist Xavier Nuez.  I am truly honored to get this recognition among so many other talented artists in all media, and look forward to joining them again in June, 2020.

Indianapolis Monthly Features My Mission and Art

The February issue of Indianapolis Monthly includes a profile on me.  This issue focuses on Art in Indianapolis and I am the featured maker/artist.  The writer discusses my mission and commitment to sustainability.  I try to do my part for this lovely planet we inhabit by using natural yarns.  Then I design and create heirloom-quality pieces that endure rather than typical “fast fashion” landfill.

This is exciting and a real honor to me.  Here is a big shout out to writer Susan Brackney for her story and to photographer Tony Valainis for making me look good!  You can read the online version here.