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At constance, the design process includes using a software program from Slovenia called ArahWeave.  I have used many CAD programs to design woven fabrics and really enjoy working in ArahWeave.  Unlike other CAD programs I have used that are purely design programs, ArahWeave is designed for the textile industry meaning constance designs have all of the technical information necessary for a mill to weave my fabrics.  This makes the learning curve a little steeper in the beginning but well worth the effort.  Dusan, one of the program’s designers, and Marc, my trainer here in the states, are both wonderful.  Their tech support cannot be beaten!
The constance design process begins with yarns, many different colors. Often yarns are wound around my index finger to see how they look together. Then I move to the computer, taking the design from my finger and entering it into ArahWeave.  From there changes may be made and weave stuctures are added.  The color design always must align with the weave design.
In addition to all of this, I can export constance designs and use them with my AVL
Compu-Dobby Loom – Yay!!!



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